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  • Amy Bailey

Channel Events in the Post-Pandemic World

As the world begins to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are starting to think about rebuilding and adapting to the new normal. One area that will be particularly important for companies to consider is event marketing.

The Channel is known for being event-heavy. In the past, events have been a critical tool for suppliers and technology solution brokerages to connect with partners and build brand awareness. However, the pandemic has forced companies to cancel or postpone many of these events, leaving Channel leaders scrambling to find new ways to reach their audiences.

As we move into the post-pandemic world, the importance of event marketing is only going to increase. Here are a few reasons why:

Events allow companies to connect with their customers in a more personal and engaging way. In the digital age, businesses can easily get lost in the noise, and their messages to be drowned out. Events provide a unique opportunity for companies to connect with their customers face-to-face and create a lasting impression.

Events can help suppliers to build their brands and differentiate themselves from the competition. In a crowded market, it can be challenging to stand out and make a lasting impression. Events provide a platform to showcase products and services in a memorable and impactful way. Events also help strengthen relationships between Channel Managers and partners. The importance of these face-to-face interactions can not be overstated. People do business with people, and events create shared experiences where these relationships can be cemented.

Events can also be a powerful marketing tool to launch new products or services. Suppliers can create buzz and anticipation around their latest offerings by hosting an event, generating excitement and interest among partners.

The importance of Channel event marketing in a post-pandemic environment cannot be overstated. As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, companies that can effectively leverage events as part of their marketing strategies will be well-positioned to succeed in the new normal.

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