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Basic Trade Show Exhibitor Package $2,500

This is the No-fuss Way to Exhibit at a Trade Show.

Basic Trade Show Exhibitor Package     $2,500

Don't ask your sales team or executives to manage the logistics of your next trade show. Let our team manage all the details so you put your best foot forward at the show.

The Unusually Unusual team will order all items needed for the trade show. May include:

o Carpet
o Carpet Pad
o Vacuuming
o Furniture
o Trash Can
o Electrical
o Internet
o Rigging

Collect Shipments/Packages from the show organizer/shipping company
Check on the booth before each day of the show to make sure services were performed by Event Services Co.
Pre-show Social Graphics
Pre-show press release
Ensure company description, logo, etc. are correct in the Swapcard system
Registration of attendees for the show
Highlight show deliverables

This fee includes consulting, labor, time, and event presence management from Unusually Unusual Consulting and does not include ancillary materials and items listed above which are at exhibitor's expense.

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